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Dialogue with Buddhists on ecology and faith

2016.03.buddhist_christian_workshop_discussionJesuits and Buddhist monks and nuns came together in early March to share and dialogue on ecology and religions in a workshop organised by the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific.

Organised locally by Fr Lawrence Soosai SJ of the Patna Jesuit Province, the three-day workshop was held in India, in the city of Bodhgaya where the Buddha is believed to have attained enlightenment, and which is one of the holiest of Buddhist cities.

Collaborating for peace and justice in Japan and Korea

2015.09.korea_japan_social_apostolate_meetingThe Japan and Korea Jesuit Provinces took collaboration a step further in September by holding their first plenary meeting of Jesuits and collaborators working in the social apostolate of the two provinces. The meeting took place on Jeju Island, in conjunction with the 2015 Gangjeong Peace Conference.

Gangjeong Village, on Jeju Island, in South Korea, is the site of an important ongoing confrontation over the construction of a naval base. Bishop Peter Kang, ordinary of the Jeju Diocese, has given strong open support to the villagers from the very beginning, in 2007, of their protest against the planned incursion of this base into their village, which began without the legal steps required to gain village agreement.

Statement of Jesuits in Asia Pacific on Laudato si’

2015_07_31_NE_Photo1-1024x732Reflecting on the papal encyclical Laudato si’ on environmental matters, the major superiors of the Jesuit Conference Asia Pacific (JCAP) share their statement that seeks to animate response to Pope Francis’ plea to reconcile with creation, an apostolic priority for Jesuits in Asia Pacific

ATMI: Leading Towards a Techo-Ecological Institute in Indonesia

atmi-student-in-actionATMI recognises the importance of the environment and continues to integrate this to its daily operations and management schemes. During a visit of interested parties in August 2010 a further understanding was gained of the current environmental campus management initiatives. The institute develops the technical capacity of the youth and contributes to the technological advancement of the country. It communicates a respect for the dignity of human life as well as seeking to keep the ecological balance always looking for ways of greater reconciliation with creation.

Jatropha as An Alternative Way of Life in Flores Island‐Indonesia

jatropha_pic3Flores is an island that has sub‐climates. The mountains in this island are highly volcanic in origin, so water can permeate and infiltrate into the ground effectively. There is good storage capacity but there is no clear understanding of how much water is available on the ground. Volcanic earth has certain nutrients that are valuable but when we get to plant, it may not have the right combination of nutrients and the water needed. Therefore, there is a need to look, not only at the basic nutrients of Phosphorous, Nitrogen, and Potassium but also at the other micronutrients in order to get the balance.