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An open letter to Prashant Bhushan: Where are the Indigenous Adivasi peoples in the illegal mining imbroglio?

adv-prashant-bhushanMay I bring before you and all concerned the fact that the Indigenous Adivasi People figure no where in the whole discourse on illegal mining – a discourse presently going on in the Supreme Court of India. It is common knowledge that most of mining, both legal and illegal, has taken place  in Adivasi land, especially in the mineral-rich Adivasi /Tribal dominant central India.

Jesuit Social Research Institute in Mumbai calls for disaster preparedness and Climate change

bomdisaster“If a disaster like the Japan Tsunami is round the corner how can the Mumbaites come to know? What are the types of natural and man-made disasters that we are most prone to? What can individuals, civil society organizations, CBOs, NGOs and governments do in the event of such mega disasters?” were some of the questions raised during a 2-day workshop on “Disaster Management” jointly organized by Xavier Institute of Social Research (XISR) and Centre for Social Action (CSA), Mumbai from July 2-3 at XISR, Mumbai.

Training of Trainers for Eco Education

logojesaThe Environmental crisis and its consequences on all of us are too well known to need explanation. The situation urges all of us to spread awareness, especially among children, youth and rural folk, about the critical condition of our Earth, and about what we can do to save Mother Earth. God created us in His own image and likeness. He entrusted us with the task of sustaining this beautiful Earth and nurturing all Creation for the benefit of all. What is happening today?

Fr. Patxi Alvarez SJ visits Jesuit Social Action Teams in East India

patxi-visit-assamFr. Patxi Alvarez SJ, Secretary, Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat, Rome, was in India for a fortnight and visited a number of Jesuit missions especially in East India. His presence at Tarumitra for the meeting of Jesuit Province Social Action Coordinators did enrich the deliberations and energized the Jesuits to explore and engage in new and effective methods of social action.

Strengthening the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network (GIAN) considered

gianGlobal Ignatian Advocacy Network (GIAN) has been around since GC 35.  A lot of work has happened since then and five networks have been formed: Right to education, Peace & Human rights, Governance of Natural and Mineral Resources (GNMR), Ecology and Migration.  These groups have met several times.  Many Jesuits from South Asia are co-opted as members in these core groups.  However, the core group members were at a loss because there was not much awareness about what GIAN is all about and who is to coordinate and how to coordinate these activities.