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The Jesuit Network: Loyola Jesuit Secondary School, Malawi

jcedBut in Malawi the Jesuit network is just beginning, and that is why JCED is excited to share with you a new Jesuit project will that be starting in Malawi, Loyola Jesuit Secondary School. In September of 2014, Loyola Jesuit Secondary School (LJSS) will be opening its doors to the youth of Kasungu. In the tradition Jesuit education, LJSS will form students of conscience, competence, compassion and commitment, who strive to transform and improve their community.

Clay Stove Benefits

Environmental-300x182Our clay stoves use firewood only and are more fuel efficient, cleaner and safer than traditional three stone open fire. They are fuel saving and efficient as they reduce wood fuel consumption by up to 70% as compared to traditional three stone open fire, thereby reducing considerably the rate of deforestation in Malawi.


jcedAccording to 2008 Population Census Report, over 90% of the population of Malawi use biomass energy (charcoal and firewood). Cooking with too much wood fuel contributes to deforestation. A new study (“Bounding the Role of Black Carbon in the Climate System: A Scientific Assessment” in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmosphere, 15 January 2013) reveals that the black carbon being emitted, which is mostly “soot” formed in the combustion of wood, is the second most important contributor to climate change. The majority of low-income households (constituting about 80% of the population of Malawi) use traditional three stone open fires, which use too much wood fuel and emit a lot of black carbon

JCED Cook Stoves

Chitetezo-Ceramic-Stove_In-Use1-300x168This project produces and promotes adoption of energy efficient and clean cook stoves. These are chitetezo ceramic stoves, which are portable stoves, to allow indoor and outdoor cooking, and are made from clay readily available in Mpampha village in Likuni – Lilongwe. The stoves’ lifespan is estimated to be around 3 years, with many stoves lasting for over 7 years. The project reduces deforestation and mitigates climate change by empowering members of Mpampha JCED groups with skills to produce and promote adoption of chitetezo stoves.

Jesuit Centre for Ecology and Development (JCED)

jcedJesuit Centre for Ecology and Development (JCED) is a new social action, development and advocacy project of the Jesuit Fathers addressing environmental management and development issues in Malawi.