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Instituto Superior Intercultural Ayuuk, ISIA

isiaThis is an Intercultural Institute, where currently enrolled 150 students, from 10 different ethnic groups and both cultures, languages ​​and different traditions, which means a huge cultural variety and a great respect and appreciation for other cultures. It is inspired from the culture and traditions of the Mixe people and developed and promoted by the University System of Latin American Universities in Mexico Institute, linked to 40 universities in Latin America (AUSJAL) and supported with a tradition of teaching at least 450 years of the best universities worldwide.

We want to promote the depth of imagination and thought of each and the students of the Institute to promote in the Mixe people and other cultures best sustainable human development indices. 

Huertos biointensivos de traspatio “Bio-intensive backyard gardens”

CasoSocial_HuertosBThe Division of Research and Outreach (SIV), promotes the protection, preservation, enhancement and dissemination of indigenous culture; promotes the improvement of living standards of families and not Ayuujk. Ayuujk through alternative restoration and conservation of ecosystems, the integrated management of solid waste, agricultural and forest production, and marketing them under the focus of sustainable development.

Rancho Nääxwin

rancho_naaxwinA university project, which has to do with food production activities that aims to contribute some food demand of institutional dining. The ranch is zoned so that they can produce commodities such as meat, vegetables, corn, beans; to this is added the production of tubers such as cassava and sweet potato white and yellow.


Comité ecológico “Ecological Committee”

WEBPerfil-Redes_CEYoung people are directly responsible for observing the separation of waste at the institution, is done in the right way, they develop advocacy and creating spaces for reflection on the proper management of solid waste, and for that -located containers has strategically way, and a storage facility. The ecologist committee meets every fortnight, this in order to monitor the progress of each activity and generating new agreements, which are being shared by each of the groups representing the committee members.