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NIMA: Interdisciplinary Center for the Environment

nimaNIMA (stands for Interdisciplinary Center for the Environment, in Portuguese) is located within PUC’s Ecological Park, an area with plenty of vegetation and with a diversity of rare species. An Atlantic Forest place where the Rainha river passes by, the sabiá-laranjeira  sings and where one builds with bamboo, with words and with transforming actions. Founded by the current vice-rector, father Josafá Carlos de Siqueira, S.J., in 1999, NIMA received the blessing and the quest to become the integration place for the interdisciplinary exchange within the University, with the duty to close the relationship among the different departments, seeking to build up cooperation to face the social-environmental questions.

Jesuits seeking global cooperation: Water for All

nimaThe world is again recognising water as the basis of all life.  Water for all is an integrated worldview of human development and care for the environment, rather than a fragmented use of resources.  The big challenge is in securing the basic water needs for the many who do not have access and for business to grow in responsibility as it increasingly realizes the value of water in sustaining production. The UN General Assembly declared 2013 as the UN International Year of Water Cooperation and 22 March as World Water Day. World Water Day 2013 highlights freshwater and draws attention to the benefits of cooperation in water management.