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Each year– April 22— is a chance to celebrate Earth Day and the gifts provided our planet and nature. Join us for one of the many events taking place during EarthWeek or find your own way to engage and reflect on your relationship with the Earth’s and it’s resources.

Global Climate Change: Economic Challenges and Solutions March 17–19, 2016

CCC3This year’s conference “Global Climate Change: Economic Challenges and Solutions” will delve into international policy, new economics, and the climate justice and grassroots activism occurring worldwide due to climate change.

Climate Change & Higher Education Conference, Save the Date! March 19-21, 2015

midwest_goe_2010299-380x251This conference will focus on addressing some of the tough questions about our responses to climate change as institutional of higher education.

  • How do we communicate and educate about climate change/environmental issues?
  • What is the role of Jesuit universities?
  • What educational models can we use?
  • How do we leverage science and ethics?
  • How do we give people hope?
  • What are we asking people to do?
  • How do we motivate people to move beyond paralysis and into action?
  • And much more!

Geographic Information Systems

gis_layers-250x273The Office of Sustainability is home to Loyola’s blossoming GIS capabilities and courses. With state-of-the-art facilities and software, a full-time GIS Specialist is on staff to handle all mapping, visualization and analysis to improve the University’s understanding and actions toward greater sustainability.

LUREC Work Day

WD_axeRestoration workdays are held at LUREC every second Saturday.  We work to remove invasive plants that are degrading the woodland and wetland, and we also work to restore the growth of native plants.  Your work might include cutting shrubs and trees and bringing the wood to a bonfire or a wood chipper, pulling garlic mustard, collecting native seed on the prairie, sowing those seeds on cleared areas.

Rosemarie Rochetta Wessies Rooftop Garden

Ecodome-2560x1424Located on the Quinlan Life Science Building is the Rosemarie Rochetta Wessies Rooftop Garden which houses the first garden as part of Urban Agriculture Demonstration Gardens project. This garden is a demonstration and exploration of three-season (spring, summer, fall) growing seasons a variety of seasonal herbs, produce and flowers.