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2015: turning point for education

education-after-2015-logo91This post has been written by Lucía Rodríguez, team leader of the Core Group of the GIAN Network for the Right to Quality Education.

When I used to study in collegue a literary generation was described as a group of writers bonded by certain a ideology and style in a concrete time period – fifteen years aproximately-. In 2000, fifteen years ago, the General Secretary of United Natios, Koffi Annan, would state to the world that we were the first generation capable of ending with the world poverty.

Mundgod Mission

karnakata_jesuitmissionThe Mundgod Mission is situated in Uthara Kannada district, in Karnataka state, in the southern part of India and covers 75 hamlets. In order to stop migration and help beneficiaries to earn their livelihood, the project has implemented several sustainable economic development activities. These activities include support for animal husbandry, brick making, de-silting village water tank, rearing fish, preparation of bio manure, flour mill, irrigation infrastructure, training in rope making, phenol preparation and so on. The project has also plans for creating marketing infrastructure to help beneficiaries earn justifiable profit and introduce scientific and sustainable techniques & practices in agriculture and animal husbandry

Morningstar Hostel

blocks_imageMorningstar Hostel is Cecilia’s original post-SASAC project. The 17 school-going children (at Morningstar) are the direct beneficiaries of the SOJASI Educational programmes. They are getting food, shelter, regular school education and vocational education and medical assistance. They had two-week training in SMVG system and oyster mushroom production at SOJASI centre during their winter holidays.

Training at SOJASI

stacks_image_0The SOJASI team gave two-week training to 17 young school-going students (Morningstar) on Square Meter Vegetable Gardening and oyster mushroom production.

Tree Planting to Save Water

blocks_image_3_1SOJASI is situated in Chimney busty near M-4, M-5 sections of forest range. There are twelve small villages around Chimney. These small villages have their water sources in M-4 & M-5 forest range. There is an acute water problem in these areas as soon as the monsoon is over. When we went to inspect the water catchment area, M-4 section, we found to our horror there were no trees there to hold water. It should be cool and moist in the ground. But to our disappointment the sunlight got through, the ground was dry and the bright sunlight hit our heads strongly.

Society of Jesus Agricultural and Social Institute (SOJASI)

blocks_image_4_1SOJASI stands for Society of Jesus Agricultural and Social Institute. We are located in a purpose-built structure, in the small village of Chimney, high above Kurseong in the Himalayas in West Bengal, India.

SOJASI is a training centre. We want to give practical training to village people or anyone who is interested in learning Square Meter gardening methods (SMVG), oyster mushroom production and organic composting. Later on we want to add computer and oral English, which we think will be more attractive and useful to young people. The length of the training courses will fit the needs of the group being trained.