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What is green Ibero Campus?

Ibero Green Campus is the name by which the environmental management system (SMA) of the Universidad Iberoamericana de México is known, which arises in response to the institution’s commitment to reduce its ecological footprint. For this, it has, among other tools, an Action Plan that articulates a set of policies, activities, goals and indicators to reduce the environmental impact derived from its daily operation. Among the objectives of the SMA are: make an efficient use of resources, give an integral management to waste, comply with the existing regulation on environmental matters and improve conditions within the university campus. Likewise, the SMA is a tool for the environmental education of students.

Ibero Green Campus

ibero green campusVia this project, the UIA in Mexico City commits itself to reduce its environmental footprint and help to improve community living conditions, also undertaking to make sustainability a factor in all the university’s teaching and research.