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Mining and environmental justice: The struggle for water, health, and human security in Honduras

Mining is linked to water pollution, deforestation and environmental degradation, as well as conflict and violence due to land grabbing, the fracturing of the social fabric of communities, and human right violations in Honduras. According to survey results, community residents experience high levels of water and food insecurity and limited access to education and health services. Also, they are very concerned about the environmental damage caused by mining, especially to water, and indicate that they do not want mining activities in their communities.

Water is Life: Sister joins fight against shut-offs and privatization of Detroit water

A Catholic sister has added her voice to those protesting Detroit’s aggressive campaign to shut off water to thousands of households in arrears on their water bills. For Sister of Mercy Mary Ellen Howard, the fight here is elemental. “Water is life,” she said, “when you shut off water, you shut off life.”

Development, Human Rights, Environment – ‘Water is at the Heart of All of it’

Water is the entry point for those on the justice-peace journey, Sr. Maura McGrath says.

“Water is life, it’s sacred, so it’s got to be our way into making any moves in terms of equality and human rights,” said the Congregation of Notre Dame sister from Montreal, one of many women religious around the world employing creative measures to make those moves concrete in their communities.

Justice in Mining: Protecting human rights and the environmen

2016_09_30_ne_photo1Justice in Mining  is a Global Ignatian Advocacy Network that works to protect human rights and the environment, and seeks to ensure mining only occurs where issues of equity and sustainability are addressed.

Its new website, launched on 31 July 2016, Feast Day of Saint Ignatius, builds on its Facebook  presence, and is part of a communications strategy to help build awareness of human rights and environmental issues relating to mining.