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Faith, Farming and Ecology — How Should They Co-Exist?

shutterstock_sustainable_farming-255x255More than 40 leaders in farming, food production, environmental studies and theology gathered at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn., in November to dialogue about the challenges of 21st-century agriculture and how faith traditions can inform solutions to such things as food shortages, environmental degradation and the ethical use of biotechnology.

Justice and Freshwater

3018patenaudejp_00000002224The issues surrounding clean water and its availability have their place in the New Evangelization and in the advancement of Benedict XVI’s “human ecology.”

Many of us in clean water professions wish more people talked about what we do. If bishops and pontiffs take clean water seriously, shouldn’t everyone? After all, clean water—and plenty of it—is essential for human life and the common good.