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Mining and environmental justice: The struggle for water, health, and human security in Honduras

Mining is linked to water pollution, deforestation and environmental degradation, as well as conflict and violence due to land grabbing, the fracturing of the social fabric of communities, and human right violations in Honduras. According to survey results, community residents experience high levels of water and food insecurity and limited access to education and health services. Also, they are very concerned about the environmental damage caused by mining, especially to water, and indicate that they do not want mining activities in their communities.

Mining and environmental justice: The struggle for water, health, and human security in Honduras

justice_in_miningWhat is the impact of extractive industries such as mining in Honduras? And how are people in poor rural communities responding? With the support of the US Jesuit Conference and the Jesuit Central-Southern Province, Saint Louis University and ERIC, the Reflection, Research and Communication Center in Honduras, partnered to investigate the social and environmental risks posed by mining activities in three rural communities in Honduras.

A Global Challenge: Clean Water

HondurasWater is a fundamental source of life. Yet, 780 million people currently lack access to clean water. This poor access causes millions of deaths and debilitates economic production. Lack of clean water is also a gender-equity issue because women often bear the burdens of finding clean water, which leaves women little opportunity to do anything else. Providing clean water is a public health, economic, and social justice issue. We need leaders willing to address this issue. Are you in?

A public health education at Saint Louis University is a good place to start. SLU public health students recently traveled to Honduras to assist the water infrastructure in the region. Students helped to build a well for a local community during this trip. The community at the College for Public Health & Social Justice is committed to addressing disparities wherever they are found and to developing innovative ways to make life better for others.

Church workers: Honduran mine concessions fuel human rights abuses

80efa116b4891cf83c2f93719f91924e_XLSANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – Four years after a coup d’etat threw Honduras into crisis, church workers said human rights abuses continue unabated, fueled by disputes over mining concessions.

A new Honduran mining law passed in January has opened up huge swaths of the countryside to mining exploration. But the mining industry has increasingly become the source of grave human rights abuses as mostly poor, rural citizens who live on the land have been threatened, said church and human rights workers.