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Jesuit Institutions To Grow Green Campuses

2011.09.admu_.marian.garden.jpg_4Jesuit colleges and universities in Asia Pacific have committed to becoming green campuses. Fr Joel Tabora SJ, Chair of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities in Asia Pacific (AJCU-AP), elaborates on the commitment, which was made at the AJCU-AP annual meeting in Tokyo from August 23 to 24, 2011.

The AJCU-AP approved the resolution on “growing green campuses” in each of our schools as proposed by Fr Pedro Walpole SJ,who heads the Reconciliation with Creation group within the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific.  The approval was on the understanding that curricula must be revised to include complementary environmental instruction and formation. This is not just a challenge for green campuses; it is a challenge to form our students to live in environmental responsibility.

Sanata Dharma University: 2012 and Beyond

uajy-imageSanata Dharma University is strategically looking at post-2012 management and operations framework for implementation. Critically, the university is working towards achieving the following key areas, which are also significant for the Conference (JCAP) to engage with: Integrating environment to students’ orientation and developing in-campus ecology information board; Thematic course formation on the environment for students and professionals; In nursery development focusing on biodiversity enrichmen