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Recycling at Fordham


Department of Intercampus Transportation Sustainability Initiatives

ram van header 2009_02(2)The Department of Intercampus Transportation (RamVan) is committed to Sustainability Initiatives at Fordham University. In 2011, the RamVan Office will be replacing many of its gas vans with diesel vans.  By 2015, the office plans to replace the entire fleet of gas vans with diesel vans, cutting the fleet’s emissions by 32%.


University vehicles: Security vehicles will be 100 percent hybrid, with hybrids replacing internal combustion vehicles as the latter are retired.  The Grounds Department will be converting 50 percent of its vehicles to electric.

Food Services at Fordham

can_college_food_be_healthyFordham Hospitality Services and Sodexo have taken on a number of initiatives to improve sustainability within their operations and the services provided on campus. These include offering fair trade coffee in the Marketplace, removing trays from the kitchen to reduce water waste, and purchasing food from local growers.

Major Projects at Fordham

hughesexteriorFordham has pledged to build all new facilities to a minimum standard of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver. LEED, a designation of the United States Green Building Council, certifies that a building has met stringent energy and environmental standards. Currently, two new dormitories at the Rose Hill campus meet the LEED Silver standard. The new Law School and dormitory planned for the Lincoln Center campus are on a similar design path.

Green Space Initiative

calder0267Rose Hill, the original campus of Fordham University, is adjacent to the New York Botanical Gardens and the Bronx Zoo. It is situated on 85 landscaped acres in the Bronx. There are a total of 35 buildings on campus with approximately 2 million square feet of space. The campus has more than 350 mature trees, including elm, oak, maple and beech.