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Recycling at Georgetown

recyclables,1Did you know that students, faculty, staff and visitors can recycle most of your personal and office waste generated on campus? It’s simple if you know the basic tips provided on this website.

Save Energy

unplugging hands photo 631wDid you know?…

A building’s occupants can reduce it’s electricity demand by 15% or more just through simple actions like turning off lights and unplugging unused devices.

What You Can Do

section_getinvolvedIndividuals can take steps to be sustainable in a variety of ways. Here are some tips that may apply to life on or off campus.

Stormwater Management

regentsGeorgetown’s location on the hilltop and demands careful stormwater management, as excessive water can carry pollutants into the Potomac River. High runoff volumes can also stress our city’s historic infrastructure, as ongoing urban development in the region creates more impermeable surfaces, increasing runoff and exceeding existing capacity of the city’s built systems.

Water Conservation on Campus

healy by potomac 1At Georgetown, our location overlooking the Potomac River provides more than just extraordinary scenery – it also gives us a daily view of the water source that sustains us. The water flowing through our campus taps for drinking and daily use originates in the Potomac River.

Think Global, Drink Local!

think_global_drink_localGeorgetown’s Think Global, Drink Local! initiative is increasing access to to chilled, filtered tap water throughout the campus, making it easy for our community members to choose sustainable tap as their drinking water.