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Australia in July could be scene of Jesuit-led climate action

national_catholic_reporterThe end of the second annual climate change conference at Loyola University Chicago began a transition to a new action phase extending beyond U.S. borders.

The conference, which ran March 19-21, saw the six participant upper Midwest Jesuit universities sharing curricular ideas and resources, with an eye toward developing the best educational practices and forming a strong collaborative force for sustainability and addressing environmental issues in the years ahead.  On the conference’s final day, its host Nancy Tuchman, director of Loyola-Chicago’s Institute of Environmental Sustainability, announced the schools would collectively, as Jesuit institutions that are part of a larger network, “develop a statement that gives a common voice to Jesuit concern for the planet with a call to action.”

Coal hard facts for religious investors

38884The international movement to divest from investment in fossil fuels is gathering momentum. Investors are starting to realise the dangers associated with the problem of stranded assets; that is, as governments act to restrain fossil fuel consumption in an effort to address climate change, fossil fuel companies will find their assets being written down. It is of no value to have millions of tons of coal in the ground if carbon taxes or emission trading schemes prevent you from ever digging it up.

Phasing-out Fossil Fuel Subsidies

article-5483-img2As countries emerge from the economic crisis, the revenues that can be saved from removing inefficient fossil fuel subsidies can be redirected to poverty alleviation, health and education.

Planet or Profit? From the People’s Climate March to the Divestment Debate

Issue-2_Divestment_Jessie-Koon-2-1024x682On September 21, hundreds of thousands of marchers gathered in New York City demanding swift action to save an ailing planet. Meanwhile at SU, students continued to push for divestment. Can economists and environmentalists agree before it’s too late?

If anyone thought the divestment movement would weaken over the summer, guess again. It has proven to be the student movement that just won’t die. As the world’s climate continues to warm, the divestment campaign continues to heat up across the country. As the United Nations Climate Summit is underway, the world is assessing where it stands with Mother Nature.