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Center for Urban Ecology

banner_2Center for Urban Ecology (CUE) is to promote individual and collaborative research in integrated fields within ecology, evolution, and conservation, focusing on the effects of urbanization on regional ecosystems and the roles of humans in physiological, ecological and evolutionary processes.

Compost Workshop


Native Green Roof Plants

img_3456In a 2012 paper, Butler released a paper titled ” Native plant enthusiasm reaches new heights: Perceptions, evidence and the future of green roofs”, which revealed that landscape architects and architects most frequently published pro-native plant papers.

A roof garden grows in the Bronx

roof1The top of the Fordham Regional Parking Facility, which is normally an empty, windswept void of concrete, became a Jason Aloisio’s laboratory last summer. For three months, Aloisio, a doctoral candidate in biology, oversaw an experiment what will lead to a better understanding of how to best construct “green roofs.”

Architect Helps Make Green Movement Sustainable

barge_w“Green architecture is dominated by architects and engineers, but architecture is really only one part of urban sustainability,” Cathcart said. “It’s very interesting to see how architecture fits into that larger piece and how cities can be made much more sustainable livable, enjoyable and pleasurable culturally by following these various figures doing crazy things all over the place.”

Recycling at Fordham