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Students Push to End Fossil Fuel Investment at Fordham

fordham-divest-color-courtesy-of-fordham-divestIt may seem unlikely that a small group of college students could change the future of the world, but that is exactly what Fordham Divest is seeking to do through its effort to get the University to end its investment in fossil fuel companies. “I think the biggest issue is climate change and the fact that by burning fossil fuels, the planet has already warmed 0.8 degrees Celsius,” Valerie Meyer, FCRH ’15 and Fordham Divest’s director for media and students, said when describing the organization’s rationale. “If we continue with this, scientists have said that by midcentury, so 2050, the planet will warm two to three additional degrees Celsius, and this will cause more severe storms, droughts and floods, which is just really bad for the planet.”