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The Pursuit of Purity: Organic Foods and Souls

ibo_et_non_redibo_pursuit_of_purityA somewhat recent phenomenon that has surfaced in the society is the pursuit of purity when it comes to food. It can be seen most clearly in the preference towards organic food and non-genetically modified organisms (GMO), a movement which has been gaining momentum. This is especially apparent when it is viewed within the context of the state of the food industry today: on the whole, more and more chemicals and GMOs are being used in farming to produce the highest yield possible, thus maximizing the profits.

Working Group on Food

461823_45660359Saint Joseph’s University is committed to the Jesuit principles of economic and environmental justice, and we will continuously work towards the development of a just food system. We will support sustainability by focusing on economic, environmental, and social practices in areas relating to the production, distribution, marketing and consumption of food, that protect and enhance human and natural resources.


Cherry St. Market salad barCampus restaurants serve food from local farmers, vegan options, wild caught Washington salmon and Fair Trade coffee.