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’There is no substitute for agriculture until…we have learned to eat and digest plastic’ Hakimani Conference begins

DSC_4869Some of the issues discussed include impacts of climate change, land tenure, property rights and food security. In his opening remarks, Rev. Fr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator, Provincial, Jesuits Eastern Africa, emphasized on the value of research and its ability to correlate climate change and food security by drawing on wide ranging grassroots and empirical investigation. He added that by establishing such a link, the research demonstrates that climate change is real and its impact directly threatens the survival and sustainability of our means and sources of sustenance and livelihood. He encouraged all socio-economic stakeholders to create sectoral, national, regional and global partnerships aimed at devising effective plans and strategies that counteract the drought.

Are We Eating Ourselves to Death? (A Woodstock Forum)

fruits_veggiesOur patterns of food consumption, both individually and collectively, could have a major impact on the life of the planet far into the future. As business leaders pursue innovative solutions for a new “green economy,” municipalities begin thinking about “food security” and words like “locavore” make their way into our dictionaries, do religious traditions like Roman Catholicism have anything to offer?


Ecojesuit_logoEcojesuit is an online newsletter that offers contemporary, original, and exclusively written commentaries, reflections and insights, analysis, and exchange of ideas and practices on various ecological and social concerns such as those that relate to water and watershed management, mineral development, food security, impact and adaptations to climate change, disaster risk resilience, renewable and alternative energy, Indigenous Peoples and cultural integrity, sustainable development, among others. While it has a global reach, Ecojesuit communicates communities and local concerns. While initially directed at Jesuit practitioners and organizations working on ecological concerns, Ecojesuit encourages participation and communication beyond the Jesuits and promotes a global collaboration and networking on ecology.