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Organic Agriculture Internships

organic agricultureEach year, Ignatius Farm takes on interns for the growing season. Novice internships (full season and 4-month) and Senior internships are available. The interns are an integral part of our farm team, which includes 4 farmers and many volunteers. Novice interns are primarily focused on our Community Shared Agriculture project, a 19 acre organic vegetable operation that supplies produce to approximately 275 participating members. Senior interns have further specializations throughout the farm, and in which the novice interns may assist. The hands–on internships are complemented by a structured learning program, participation in the CRAFT Ontario program, and involvement with the CSA community.

Community Shared Agriculture (CSA)

SharesAlso known as Community Supported Agriculture, CSA is an alternative food access and distribution method where the customer is linked directly to the farm. The customer, or CSA member, purchases “shares” in the harvest, paying at the beginning of the season and receiving a portion of the harvest over the course of the season; thus sharing in the risk and bounty of food production.