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Fairfield Engineering Students Bring Clean Water to Bolivia

engineering student_fairfieldA group of Fairfield University engineering students is helping a rural farming community in Bolivia get access to safe drinking water. The Fairfield students, along with a student chapter of “Engineers Without Borders” from South Dakota State University, traveled to the Unidad Academia Campesina (UAC) in Carmen Pampa, where expansive growth has created challenges with providing adequate potable water systems.

The students used their mechanical engineering skills to work on a water treatment system under the guidance of Bruce Berdanier, professor and dean of Fairfield’s School of Engineering.

University’s Jesuit Community Center Overhauls Ecological Architecture

Jesuit-Community-Center-Exterior-The Jesuit faith is based on a passionate commitment to simplicity, spirituality and intellectualism. With those principles in mind, the architects at Gray Organschi Architecture took extra care when constructing the Jesuit Community Center at Fairfield University. Nestled on a quaint hillside, and captured in photographs Robert Benson Photography, the space offers staff and students a relaxing retreat from the unyielding pace of campus life. In an effort to share their values with the community as a whole, the Jesuit’s ensured that the space makes an impressive commitment to minimizing energy consumption.

Fairfield University Campus Garden Project

faifield_univ_campus_gardenThe Fairfield University Campus Garden Project is a collaborative effort to maintain a vegetable garden on campus with a focus on using sustainable practices.
Our goals include providing:

  • Local, sustainably grown produce to the campus community and the Connecticut Food Bank,
  • Opportunities for the campus community to participate in the practice of growing food and engage with a community of people interested in the broader consequences of food production, and
  • An outdoor laboratory for courses and faculty/student research collaborations.

Genetically Modified Organisms

gmo_fairfieldOver 70% of North American packaged foods contain GMOs, and according to the ISAAA (International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications), there are approximately 1.2 billion acres of genetically modified crops worldwide. The most common GMO obsessed crops grow soybeans, corn, cotton, and canola. So we at the Fairfield Garden feel it is important to elaborate exactly on what GMOs are, and why we make it a point to not have them in our own garden, since they are so pervasive in our society.

Faculty Research: Take a sneak peak at our faculty’s water-related research

water_students_6Stated and Revealed Preferences for Improved Water Services in Guatemala: This project investigates household willingness to pay and work for improvements in water services in the small town of San Lorenzo in western Guatemala. The project also investigates the determinants of nonpayment of water bills and averting behaviors such as in-home water treatment and consumption of bottled water.