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Sustaining environmental stewardship at Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview

2014_08_31_NE_Photo2-225x300The Environment Committee of Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview in New South Wales, Australia organized a tree planting activity with a group of geography students last 10 to 11 August at the Yamagalli property in Harden that lies in the region’s southwest slopes.

Environmental Stewardship

JHS_Green_Team_Club_Photo_2013_webJesuit High School Sustainability Commitment

Jesuit High School is committed to practicing responsible environmental stewardship and teaching students to care for all of the world’s resources: human, environmental, and economic. With the landmark decision to construct a new green Elorriaga Mathematics and Science Center, Jesuit High School chose sustainable design as a logical expression of its values. Green design provides an opportunity to achieve a profound connection between curriculum, values, and the mission of Jesuit High School as stewards of each other and the earth.

Environmental Stewardship at USF

Compost_Interns_RyanVivekStewardship of the environment means taking care of and conserving what we have and reducing the size of our footprint upon this planet. These are principles basic to the concept of sustainability. We strive to create a community that does not litter and reduces the amount of waste we generate. A community where people reuse materials as often as possible, recycle whenever, and consider the trash can as a last resort.

’Tis the Gift to be Simple: a Jesuit Environmentalist Looks Back

Fritsch-clean-upFr. Al Fritsch, remembers the lightbulb moment like it was yesterday. The year: 1970. The setting: a springtime rally on a leafy esplanade at the University of Texas at Austin to commemorate the nation’s first Earth Day. The action: a fellow activist claps wildly to condemn corporate polluters while stamping out his cigarette on the university’s dewy lawn. The reaction: Watching in disgust, Fritsch realizes that responsibility for environmental stewardship is not the exclusive domain of corporations or politicians. It is a sacred trust shared by all of us.