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Healing Earth launches!

healing earthOn Friday, January 28, 2016, Healing Earth will officially be launched. The work of hundreds of collaborators over four years has produced a groundbreaking text that we hope will help more people understand, connect with and act on the pressing environmental issues facing us today.

Youth Summit in Kampala Sets Pace Addressing Climate Change in East Africa

Screenshot_2015-08-25-14-15-40On August 12th and 13th, Youth from the East African Community (EAC)’s five Partner States namely Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda,Tanzania and Uganda met in the beautiful city of Kampala, Uganda for the EAC Regional Youth Summit under the theme “Climatic Change in East Africa”. This summit was attended by a total of 30 Youths from these partner States.

Desplazados de América Latina “Displaced in Latin America”

foto-haiti-nota-desplazados-ambientales-grandeThe logic of appropriation of natural resources, have generated unprecedented environmental crisis in which it does not consider the environment as a system vital for human survival, but as a commodity that can be owned and operated. Direct consequence, are forced by environmental issues are, at present, a migratory phenomenon that generates great concern worldwide, and is becoming increasingly visible in our region displaced.

Australia in July could be scene of Jesuit-led climate action

national_catholic_reporterThe end of the second annual climate change conference at Loyola University Chicago began a transition to a new action phase extending beyond U.S. borders.

The conference, which ran March 19-21, saw the six participant upper Midwest Jesuit universities sharing curricular ideas and resources, with an eye toward developing the best educational practices and forming a strong collaborative force for sustainability and addressing environmental issues in the years ahead.  On the conference’s final day, its host Nancy Tuchman, director of Loyola-Chicago’s Institute of Environmental Sustainability, announced the schools would collectively, as Jesuit institutions that are part of a larger network, “develop a statement that gives a common voice to Jesuit concern for the planet with a call to action.”