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1353516023Improvement of infrastructure and equipment of educational institutions, adult literacy, early stimulation in children, support to health workers, improving health and education and infrastructure, strengthening production for consumption, animal breeding farms, marketing and sales, experience with revolving funds, organizational strengthening solidarity links and environmental education.

The positive balance of the International Seminar of the Network of Peers on the Environment and Sustainability

grupo ausjalThis past Monday, 10th of november, PUC-Rio received members from the Association of Universities Entrusted in Company of Jesus in Latin America (AUSJAL) during the International Seminar of the Network of Peers on the Environment and Sustainability. The event was supported by the Interdisciplinary Center for the Environment (NIMA) of PUC-Rio and promoted the exchange of experiences between universities. During the afternoon, they exhibited their projects and the challenges of the quest for sustainability in their respective countries.

The first speaker of the seminar was the Rector of PUC-Rio, Father Josafá Carlos Siqueira, who called attention to the religious perspective of the environment issue. According to him, we must respect God’s Creation. “We are not owners but guardians and administrators of the ecological heritage of God.”

Seminar of Peers of Sustainability and Environment November 10th, in RDC’s auditorium at PUC-Rio. Join!

folder_ausjalEvent will discuss sustainability projects among Jesuit universities in Latin America

Next Monday, November 10th, is going to be held the I Seminar of Peers of Sustainability and Environment (RHA) sponsored by the Association of Universities Entrusted to the Society of Jesus in Latin America (AUSJAL) and supported by the Interdisciplinary Center of the Environment (NIMA) from PUC-Rio. The event will take place in RDC’s auditorium, on the university campus, from 9H to 17H30. Will attend faculty members from Jesuit universities throughout Latin America, which will feature regional and global sustainability projects, Amazon will be on the agenda of discussions also.

NIMA Projects

  • riohortasjornadasPIMAR is a pilot project of continuous monitoring through high resolution satellite images that pursues to identify the forest patches and urban expansion processes (both horizontal and vertical) upon the preservation areas of the State.
  • Environmental Education – Duque de Caxias MunicipalityThis project seeks as its first step to perform an environmental diagnosis of the Duque de Caxias municipality.
  • Environmental Education – Nova Iguaçu Municipality
  • Rio Vegetable Gardens Vegetable Gardens is a project of urban organic vegetable gardening that aims to create a network of continuous production vegetable gardens.
  • Environmental Education for Public School Children This project is a partnership between PUC-Rio and the public school network, and by means of the execution of Environmental Education activities in the campus of the University it looks forward to the awakening of ethical and environmental values.