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Campus Social and Environmental Project Contest

Graduating students or graduates of PUC-Rio, who attended in 2017.1 and 2017.2 the discipline Socioambiental and Human Rights (CRE 1175), are invited to participate in the Socio-environmental Project on Campus.

The proposal of this subject is to stimulate the students to construct practices to be applied in the university. Thus, students will compete with their final projects already developed in classes, within the proposed axes: Environmental Education, Biodiversity, Water, Energy, Atmosphere, Materials or Waste. Registration is free of charge and runs from 5 until 31 May.

Pope Francis’ encyclical inspires the Laudato Si’ Project in Wisconsin

On any given weekend around the Milwaukee area, you can find a group of Catholics out along hiking trails, taking part in conservation projects or, in the case of a recent excursion, tapping trees to make maple syrup.

The activities are arranged by the Laudato Si’ Project, a local nonprofit inspired by “Laudato Si’, on Care for Our Common Home,” Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical on the environment and human ecology. The project was formed by Marquette University High School science teacher Joe Meyer.

Reconciliation with Creation survey results

In August 2017, the Australian Jesuit Province: Reconciliation with Creation (RwC) Advisory Group emailed a survey to 53 Jesuit communities and works. Over the following three months, 31 responses were received (58 per cent).

The survey asked similar questions to a 2010 RwC survey conducted within the Province. In both surveys the five areas with highest level of environmental achievement included: environmental education; ecological conversion; sustainable land use and waste reduction.

Campus Sustainability Day

11062733_10153423957839079_6492533402021384195_o-360x240This fair showcases ways in which students, faculty, staff, and friends of the University can get involved on- or off-campus and support local vendors, businesses, and causes that are committed to environmental stewardship, education, and service.

Campus Sustainability Day is an annual event in October in which colleges and universities celebrate sustainability initiatives and projects on their campus.  At SCU, we showcase ways in which students, faculty, and staff can get involved on or off campus & support local vendors, businesses, and causes that are committed to environmental stewardship, education, and service.

Is the Official Catholic Church a Newcomer to Ecological Issues?

eco-1Pope Francis’s New Encyclical Laudato Si’―
Ando Isamu, SJ, staff member(Jesuit Social Center, Tokyo)
Social and Pastoral Bulletin issue: No. 184 / August 15th, 2015

Since 1993 thousands of scientists and representatives of all countries of the world have constantly been meeting to discuss global warming. Again, this year they will gather for the 21st time to negotiate common international measures concerning how to fight climate changes.

Kolkata Jesuit center aims to implement encyclical

1439810229-720x340A Jesuit social center in West Bengal state has launched facility to train women in making solar lanterns in an effort to put into practice the recommendations of Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudato Si.

The Loyola Solar Training Center at Pandua, some 65 kilometers away from Kolkata, was launched Aug. 14. It is in response to the papal call to harness natural energy, said Jesuit Fr Irudaya Jothi, director of Udayani (awakening) Social Action Center. The center, he hoped would promote environmental education that Pope Francis talks about in the later part of his encyclical.