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CENTRAL AMERICA: Water as a ‘Divine Gift’

53644-20101123“Many people still believe that water is a gift from God.” This statement from a Guatemalan scientist alludes to Central America’s neglect of its water resources – – and the subsequent impact on agriculture.

Responding to the Environmental Extremes and the Economics of the Times

cdo_flight_chopper-113-300x225It’s the growing season in tropical Asia with early harvests of rice in the lowlands and corn in the uplands. The memory of the two storms that caused area devastation in the Philippines at the beginning of the year has faded and the landscape looks one of abundance. Walking down the riverbeds and around the deltas, it is easy to see people getting on with their lives in ways that are covering up the scars of disaster: an ongoing environmental crisis of management. Environmental disaster is made worse by the economic crisis; the poor do not know how they will be next hit, by a returning jobless family member or another typhoon.