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Xavier School’s Environmental Advocacy Committee Benchmarks with Miriam College

xs-web-featured-imageLast June 23, 2015, a group of Xavier School San Juan and Xavier School Nuvali staff and teachers together with the Environmental Advocacy Committee, went to Miriam College’s Environmental Science Institute to learn from their current programs and practices in environmental advocacy.

A Climate of Hope: Changing the Tide Against the Rising Tide

climate.cover_.jpg.pagespeed.ce.lT7sDgimhTFor the past several months, I have received an avalanche of emails from several environmental organizations. They all had one goal – to get as many people involved in the People’s Climate March as they possibly could. I admit: I had some doubts and trepidations.  I worried that the march might not gather enough people, or that it might be interpreted as a white, upper-class affair (a stereotype of environmental activism). These possibilities scared me because they would allow pundits and politicians to dismiss climate change as a non-issue, and continue their inaction on the matter.