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Inernational Ministries

jamaica_st.-annes-primary-school---principal-and-teacher-mrsCJI works with Jesuit and other partners rooted in the Jesuit tradition to support communities in their struggles for peace and social justice in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. CJI supports projects in many areas, including education, pastoral care, social services, community development, sustainable agriculture, humanitarian aid and human rights.

Working Group on Education

Mandeville_Hall,_Saint_Joseph's_University_(03-05-2007)As an institution of higher education grounded within the Catholic and Jesuit traditions, Saint Joseph’s University is committed to integrating sustainability issues throughout its educational programs.  Our mission is to identify opportunities for such integration, support and encourage faculty and staff in the pursuit of these opportunities, and to provide a means for sustainability education efforts to reach beyond SJU into the broader community.

Sustainability Curriculum at Fordham

sustainability_may19770022Fordham provides courses in ethical, economic, and scientific principles needed to manage and promote enterprises that are profitable and socially and environmentally responsible. The design curricula -promote an awareness of the need for the built environment to accommodate a substantially reduced carbon footprint and to foster a more sustainable use of land areas for growing populations.