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Putting justice into action in our schools

jm_climate_resourcesRiding on a wave of some amazing achievements last year, Jesuit Missions is looking forward to another full year of producing thought-provoking resources for schools.

Beginning this Lent (which starts on 10 February 2016), Jesuit Missions has prepared Our Common Home – a set of four weekly PowerPoints, designed for school assemblies. It follows a similar format to last year’s Great Hope but with an even stronger emphasis on the environment.

Reflections on Sustainability for Education

146872543_bb554247a7In my current course, Sustainability and Education, we had to start by watching a lecture by Jason Hamilton, who is a professor at Ithaca College. “Meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” is too simple a definition for sustainability. We have to define what is being sustained and how long do we sustain it for. Sustainability means more than just environmentalism, which is how it is usually referenced. Everything that we need to survive does not just depend on the natural environment.

Inernational Ministries

jamaica_st.-annes-primary-school---principal-and-teacher-mrsCJI works with Jesuit and other partners rooted in the Jesuit tradition to support communities in their struggles for peace and social justice in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. CJI supports projects in many areas, including education, pastoral care, social services, community development, sustainable agriculture, humanitarian aid and human rights.


DSC_00581-1024x678Education is the most effective weapon in the fight against poverty, ignorance, disease and social vices plaguing the African continent. In East African countries, education in all its forms constitutes a pressing need. For this reason, the Jesuits of Eastern African Province have made a significant commitment to education in Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, albeit still a fraction of what it needs to be. We desire to establish more Jesuit educational institutions in the countries of AOR, while strengthening and expanding what already exists, and developing initiatives that generate transformation from the grassroots.

Working Group on Education

Mandeville_Hall,_Saint_Joseph's_University_(03-05-2007)As an institution of higher education grounded within the Catholic and Jesuit traditions, Saint Joseph’s University is committed to integrating sustainability issues throughout its educational programs.  Our mission is to identify opportunities for such integration, support and encourage faculty and staff in the pursuit of these opportunities, and to provide a means for sustainability education efforts to reach beyond SJU into the broader community.