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Ecologist finds God in all creation

20a2fa5462802bbe4483b73a87c1ad3d_XLFr. John McCarthy has a love of nature that goes back to his early childhood. When he joined the Jesuits, his novice master recognized that his interest in the natural world was profound and encouraged him to make time for it in his priestly life. He has and on a grand scale.

McCarthy has spent most of his career working as a forest ecologist in his native Newfoundland. So, when he goes for a walk or when he looks out of a window at a distant horizon, it isn’t surprising that he sees the world just a little differently.

Center of Concern

cocLogo-white-on-blue-modified_0The Center of Concern researches, educates, and advocates from Catholic social tradition to create a world where economic, political, and cultural systems promote sustainable flourishing of the global community. We envision a global community that upholds basic human rights and human dignity, fosters just relationships, promotes sustainable livelihoods, and renews Earth.


The Yoga of Ecology: A Day In The Life of the Green Wheeling Initiative

2013-07-22-kdcoverIn my previous “Yoga of Ecology” post, I shared the truly brilliant and compassionate work of the Green Wheeling Initiative (GWI), a grassroots ground-up local food movement in Wheeling, W. Va. The GWI is helping the diverse peoples of Wheeling to reclaim their backyards and the bounties in their backyards through community gardens, cultural workshops, grant programs, and campus ecology events, amongst much else.

Lettre de Peter Bisson SJ sur l’écologie

bisson_peterDear Brothers and Friends:

Re: Ecology: On Integrating Our Relationship with Creation into the Mission of the Jesuits in English Canada

“Care for the environment affects the quality of our relationships with God, with other human beings, and with creation itself. It touches our faith in and love for God”. GC 35 Decree 3 #32

Living Laboratory

living laboratoryThe Ateneo’s Loyola Heights campus is a living laboratory for the community to enjoy.

Green spaces, environmental initiatives and facilities are used to demonstrate principles of ecology, biodiversity, nutrient and matter cycling, and waste management.


jss_tokyoIn order to respond to ecological or environmental challenges, which are part of our Society’s mission as emphasized by General Congregation 35, a Task Force on Jesuit mission and ecology was established in 2010. Due to lack of space in this Bulletin, I offer only a synthesis of a document published by the Task Force on 22 October 2010. A reflection on our mission in the world and such environmental challenges as climate change and lack of good governance in exploiting natural and mineral resources is crucial to interpreting the signs of the times, in dealing with issues that challenge the future of humankind.