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The Jesuit Network: Loyola Jesuit Secondary School, Malawi

jcedBut in Malawi the Jesuit network is just beginning, and that is why JCED is excited to share with you a new Jesuit project will that be starting in Malawi, Loyola Jesuit Secondary School. In September of 2014, Loyola Jesuit Secondary School (LJSS) will be opening its doors to the youth of Kasungu. In the tradition Jesuit education, LJSS will form students of conscience, competence, compassion and commitment, who strive to transform and improve their community.


jss_tokyoIn order to respond to ecological or environmental challenges, which are part of our Society’s mission as emphasized by General Congregation 35, a Task Force on Jesuit mission and ecology was established in 2010. Due to lack of space in this Bulletin, I offer only a synthesis of a document published by the Task Force on 22 October 2010. A reflection on our mission in the world and such environmental challenges as climate change and lack of good governance in exploiting natural and mineral resources is crucial to interpreting the signs of the times, in dealing with issues that challenge the future of humankind.


clip_image003The students have been busy building a unique ‘Bio-Reserve’ in Patna in a plot of land gifted to them by the Patna Jesuits. His Excellency Dr. A. R Kidwai, the Governor of Bihar laid the foundation stone on Nov 3, 1997. The Bio-reserve is not a Biosphere Reserve which is already existing. It is visualized  by the students as a nodal resource Centre for the rejuvenation  of the Earth.

Community Learning Center

comm_learning_centerThe Jesuit School project will open a Community Learning Center in order to serve the needs of these young people in a creative informal environment.

Center for Urban Ecology

banner_2Center for Urban Ecology (CUE) is to promote individual and collaborative research in integrated fields within ecology, evolution, and conservation, focusing on the effects of urbanization on regional ecosystems and the roles of humans in physiological, ecological and evolutionary processes.