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Why a “Green” school

Block-wall-300x225As the days draw near for September opening of Loyola Jesuit Secondary School (LJSS), there are many little details to pay attention to – as well as the great big details of teachers’ assignments, students’ books, cooks’ supplies, etc., etc.!

One detail, both big and little, is how to assure that LJSS is as “green” as possible.  By that we mean that in both construction and instruction our school should be environmentally sensitive, ecologically sound.

The Ecological Examen

carver2-beachEntering a new world of Ignatian contemplation

Joseph P. Carver, S.J. Along the coast of Oregon at the Nestucca Wildlife Sanctuary, there are old-growth Sitka Spruce over 500 years old. I imagine that they were around when St. Ignatius was a boy, and I feel connected to him through these soaring wonders. Sitting at the base of these towering creatures has long been one of my favorite places to pray. As I stare out at the Pacific from this sanctuary, I can easily follow Ignatius’ advice to find God in all things—especially in creation.

Tarumitra – Friends of Trees

taru_photoTarumitra, meaning“Friends of Trees” in Hindi and Sanskrit, is a student movement to protect and promote a healthy environment on Earth. Started by students in Patna, India in 1988, the movement has spread into hundreds of high schools and colleges all over India. It has over 2,50,000 members in over 2000 high schools and colleges. Tarumitra has also had several full time volunteers from India and abroad.


st. xavier's school - hazaribagTarumitra, meaning “Friends of Trees,” is a movement started by students in Patna in 1988 to protect and promote a healthy environment. Tarumitra aims to: spread ecological sensitivity; to equip its members with skills in handling local environmental problems; to organise campaigns for the preservation of bio-diversity; and to promote a spirituality and a worldview that is earth friendly.