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Praying with Creation and forming communities of practice and justice

Environment is relationship, it is community, it is family.  Saint Francis knew this.  The land gives us life, gives us food, filters our water and gives us a home.

Just because we make cement, steel girders, motors, microchips, and robots with our intelligence and extract all things from the land, our work and our production should not extract us from the book of nature.  Robots may replace many human functions, but the value of personal reflection and community action, our sense of the meaning of life, is what it is to be human.  When we value human reflection and compassion and hope deeply, the human is never irrelevant.

New Program: Certificate in Integral Ecology

Challenged by the growing ecological crisis and impelled by Pope Francis’ call for ecological conversion, Loyola School of Theology is now offering a Certificate Program in Integral Ecology. This program addresses the urgent environmental issues and explores alternative perspectives and lines of action. Following the insights of Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Si’, this program uses the lenses of Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology, Moral Theology and Interreligious Spirituality to reflect on the political, cultural, economic and scientific aspects of the damage we have inflicted on our common home.

Our planet. “It’s too late to be pessimistic”

In the great adventure of life on Earth, everyone has their part, but we are exhausting what nature offers us, humanity abruptly interferes with the equilibrium established on the planet. It was with this reflection that on Saturday, March 24, André Langer ( FAVI ) commented on the documentary Home: the world is our home , by Yann Arthus-Bertrand , screened by the cycle of exhibitions and debates Cinema and Reconciliation , promoted by CEPAT , in partnership with the Studium Theologicum  ( Claretians ) and the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish . The initiative has the support of the Humanitas Unisinos Institute (IHU ).

Reconciliation with Creation survey results

In August 2017, the Australian Jesuit Province: Reconciliation with Creation (RwC) Advisory Group emailed a survey to 53 Jesuit communities and works. Over the following three months, 31 responses were received (58 per cent).

The survey asked similar questions to a 2010 RwC survey conducted within the Province. In both surveys the five areas with highest level of environmental achievement included: environmental education; ecological conversion; sustainable land use and waste reduction.

Strengths and weaknesses of Ignatian spirituality in the path towards ecological conversion

2015_10_31_Reflection_Photo1-1024x768José Ignacio García, SJ

Ecology has become a crucial topic of our time. The present model of economic development based on huge industrialization and the consequent consumerism has become the core of our social life. This model is sustained by other important elements such as technological innovation, the advertising industry, and financial activity. There is no doubt that we live moments of wellbeing unknown until now, and this good reaches a great number of people around the world.

Is the Official Catholic Church a Newcomer to Ecological Issues?

eco-1Pope Francis’s New Encyclical Laudato Si’―
Ando Isamu, SJ, staff member(Jesuit Social Center, Tokyo)
Social and Pastoral Bulletin issue: No. 184 / August 15th, 2015

Since 1993 thousands of scientists and representatives of all countries of the world have constantly been meeting to discuss global warming. Again, this year they will gather for the 21st time to negotiate common international measures concerning how to fight climate changes.