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Reconciling with creation: Ecology and a “culture of poverty”

culture of poverty - fr patxiToday there is an increasing ecological awareness in communities throughout the world as we see mounting evidence of environmental devastation.We realize more than ever that our destiny is linked to the life of the planet, and yet Earth itself is in danger of being destroyed by human actions. The next few decades will be decisive in determining the kind of future coming generations will have to face. The environment will be a constant preoccupation and will require hard decisions. We are clearly at a crossroads and face challenges in many areas. Those who are most harmed by the present situation are the poor, especially those most exposed to environmental deterioration and natural disasters.

Presentation at National Congress of the EEAS

m_2014-06-14-13-52-50-1The Ecological Gardens Hon. Ayto of INEA Valladolid have been present at the National Congress of the Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture (EEAS).

The paper entitled “Urban organic garden as a new model of family farming: the case of occupational organic orchards of Valladolid” INEA has participated in the XI National Congress of the EEAS which was held in Vitoria 1 to 4 October 2014 under the theme “Organic Farming Family” in 2014 dedicated by the United Nations Agriculture and Food Family Farming.

Collaboration with asparagus Tudela

m_foto_esparrago_blanco_1INEA supports efforts of producers of asparagus amrca Tudela to achieve quality for your product. It is realziando studies to see the possibility of getting a geographical indication or designation of origin. So it has come reflected in the press these days in the vicinity of Valladolid.

130 unemployed and have organic garden

m_huertos-desempleados130 orchards to unemployed. 130 people discovering a plot to plant, care for, watch plants grow and get vegetables for consumption. Just today, INEA began working with Valladolid unemployed who have joined this initiative of the City of Valladolid.