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Mission and Overall Objectives – EPSA

photo-densembleDriven by the continuous pursuit of excellence, the school gives primary objective is to train men and women prepared to serve the agricultural community, in order to promote efficiency and justice in truth and love.

EPSA Training

cropped-qgDuring the first four semesters, students follow the common core phase. The first two semesters are dedicated to theoretical classroom courses and personal work, two study visits and a “workers stage” from the producers. The third and fourth semester, follow the same pattern, with a study tour for a week and are finalized by a “technician training” materialized by the development of a probation report to be presented before a jury of 2 teachers. The last two semesters are dedicated to the training of specialization in which students are divided into two courses, depending on their personal choice: Production Plant and Animal Production. The contents are based on Teaching Unit (EU) more specialized in agriculture or livestock without forgetting some cross EU. The schedules are filled by attendance-theoretical courses, personal research, study tour, “specialized senior technician internship” devoted to case studies or research.

School Vocational Agricultural Bevalala

?????????????????????????????????????????Provide vocational training to young alternative awarded the certificate to make them operational in the agricultural and rural area, right out of the school. After giving sufficient and satisfactory theoretical basis, training focuses primarily on teaching practice, using the existing infrastructure at PSC Bevalala (Farm Bevalala).