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The Indigenous University of Venezuela (UIV)

bro_jose_maria_kortaEcojesuit shares this brief biographical sketch of Brother José María Korta Lasarte, SJ who tragically passed away in a traffic accident on 11 July 2013, a few days after sending the following article to be published in this issue of Ecojesuit. This biographical sketch is a resume of the article written by Father Jesús María Aguirre, SJ and can be accessed at Últimas Noticias.

Brother José Maria Korta Lasarte, SJ-Ajishäma (White Ibis)
San Sebastián, 13 February 1929 – Bolívar State, 11 July 2013

GIAN-Ecology in Stockholm, Sweden

www_stockholm-277x300When the core group of GIAN-Ecology met in Chicago in November 2012 and discussed its strategy for the next two years, we considered several issues where our efforts will likely concentrate. Finally after intense and very interesting discussions, we decided that the theme of water, or even better, Water for All, will be the focus of our joint activity over the next two or three years.