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St. Francis Pledge

st_francis_pledge_thumbnailOn October 4, 2013, Fr. Timothy Lannon SJ signed the St. Francis Pledge to Protect Creation and the Poor, an initiative of the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change.


metro_rideshare-bannerMetrO! Rideshare is a free, quick and secure service that connects commuters throughout the Metropolitan Omaha Region who are interested in carpooling.  Simply create a new account and profile and MetrO! Rideshare will automatically search for carpool matches according to your commuting preferences.


BikeNest_logoWe are pleased to announce the opening of The Bike Nest, Creighton’s Co-operative Bike Project. Staffed by students, this shop encourages you to bring in your bike to learn how to do small repairs yourself. The Bike Nest has a limited selection of items, such as tubes and repair kits, but in cases of larger repairs, you’ll need to provide your own supplies (available at local bike shops such as GreenStreet Cycles and the Community Bike Project Omaha).


default-universityZipcar is now located right on campus!  With this innovative program, you can reserve a car and check it out for a hour or two, or the whole day.   Gas and insurance are included in the low rental fee.  It’s a great alternative to having a car on campus!


plaqueCreighton’s challenge is to work on strategies for sustainable transportation strategies for students, faculty and staff located in all parts of Omaha, outlying suburbs and across the Missouri river in Iowa.

Recyling Household Waste

creighton-university-logoWhat to do with household waste

This is a partial listing intended to help you determine the best way to get rid of your unwanted hazardous materials, including chemicals, computers and other electronics, prescription drugs, and more.  Special thanks to the members of the Creighton community who informed us of some of these locations.