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University Furthers Tree Conservation Efforts

tree-plant-2-702x336Fordham kicked off its involvement with a tree advocacy group on April 17 with the planting of a four-year-old pin oak tree just south of Keating Hall on the Rose Hill campus.

The 15-foot high, 800-pound tree was one of several dozen American Elms, Red Maples, Northern Red Oaks and Japanese Maples being grown in a former orchard at the Louis Calder Center in Armonk. Many perished as a result of the high winds and heavy rains of Hurricane Sandy. But several pin oaks survived, and this one was transported to the Bronx campus to take up a new home.

Creighton Named Tree Campus USA University

creighton_newscenterThe Arbor Day Foundation has named Creighton University a “Tree Campus USA University” for its dedication to campus forestry management and environmental stewardship.