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Environmental Sustainability: Grassroots approaches to Composting

greenlmu Tired of composing essays? Here’s your chance to decompose! Local experts and passionate student advocates will speak about composting on April 18th 1-3pm.


DSC02529Equipment for the Earth Tub Project was donated by Hamilton County and Christ Hospital. The concrete pad, plastic piping, and electrical connection for the Earth Tubs was built by Physical Plant Project Managers with funding from the Sustainability Fund.  The pail storage unit was donated by the Provost.   Forty Kitchenette Compost Pails, and other food scrap collection equipment for catering staff and conference center volunteers, have been purchased with funding from a 2014 Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste Division District Grant.

From Garbage to Garden

from garbage to gardenA group of elementary school children staying at the dormitory in Bendum are managing a series of vermicompost beds. Marzon Limbago, an OJT (On-the- Job Training) student from the Bukidnon State University (BSU) who is also a resident of Bendum, assists these children in setting up the vermiculture.


compost_cycle_soilCurrently Sodexo and Plant Services are working to divert food and yard waste. Sodexo has reduced their waste from 3 garbage pick-ups to 2 garbage pick-ups per week. They hope in the coming year that they can curb their waste to only 1 garbage pick-up. The reduction in waste has come with an increase in composting.