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Campus Sustentable – Ejes de trabajo

Encabezados_banner 3For the approach of the strategy, Rafael Landivar University adopts a systems approach to analyze the social and environmental reality of the Central Campus: state versus ideal situation, identifying a set of projects organized in three areas of action:

  • Environmental area: proper management of water, energy, atmosphere and green spaces.
  • Environmental and Social Relations area: management of solid and liquid waste.
  • Institutional Area: education, training, education, awareness landivariana for the whole community.

Campus Sustentable – justificacion

ahorremos aguaThe University, like other organizations in carrying out their daily activities generate impacts on the environment, affecting global sustainability. Therefore, from this new approach to Social Responsibility, the URL should seek socially responsible management of environmental resources, in support of current and future generations.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop and implement an Environmental Management System” at the University and its environment.

Campus Sustentable

campus sustentableSustainable Campus Program

Rafael Landivar University declares its firm intention to contribute to forging harmonious relations between society and nature, for which fosters actions at different levels and scale. Attached to this purpose and a determination to lead by example, the University, through the Department of University Social Responsibility Univeritaria Integration Vice Presidency and with the technical support of the Institute of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment (IARNA), drives the initiative called Sustainable Campus, whose central purpose is to gradually promote a model of environmental partner to ensure better standards of living between the university community and the natural environment of Central Campus, Campus Regional Offices and management.