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Waste Characterizations

IMG_7333-760x570Waste characterizations provide a great opportunity to learn first-(gloved)hand about the waste cycle and related issues on campus.

Our purpose is to characterize the waste that we are sending to the landfill to see where we need to improve or expand waste reduction, recycling, and composting programs. These characterizations will allow us to develop useful and interesting data on the waste stream that will help us reduce landfill waste from campus, with the goal of achieving Zero Waste*.

Sustainability science for urban pollinator research and conservation

2016_15_01_P&P_Photo1Damon Hall, Andrea Burr, and Nicole Schaeg

As sustainability science researchers in the Center for Sustainability at Saint Louis University, a Jesuit institution in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA, we were spurred to reflect upon our own efforts by the recent series of articles in Ecojesuit that advanced the transformative dialogue on sustainability science and values.

2013 Sustainable Disaster Recovery Conference

2013_SDRC_Graphic_No_TitleThe second annual Sustainable Disaster Recovery Conference was a great success! Thanks to our outstanding group of speakers and guests who graciously shared their expertise, experience, and perspectives on sustainable disaster planning, response, and recovery.

Ceter for Sustainability

sustainability01Established in 2010 by a grant from the Alberici Foundation, Saint Louis University’s Center for Sustainability offers in-demand graduate degrees in Sustainability and Urban Planning and Development and a graduate certificate in Advanced Remote Sensing (ARS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The mission of the Center for Sustainability is to create a more sustainable world through interdisciplinary education, research, and community outreach programs.