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XU-CRS Collaboration Project (FARM Project)

kkpsio logoXavier University and the Catholic Relief Services, an international funding NGO, inked a deal to collaborate in a unique academic-driven project set up to address, broadly, an agrarian issue on agro-enterprise development and farmer empowerment. Simply called the XU-CRS Collaboration Project, its specific objectives are to promote participatory technology and value chain development research to help increase farmers’ competitiveness in the market chains; and to engage in capacity building through farmers’ and facilitators’ trainings.

Promising Practices

Minolta DSCPromising Practices brings together the collective knowledge of SCIAF Programme Officer Stephen Martin and the four Zambian organisations that partnered with SCIAF to deliver the Promotion of Rural Food Security Programme (PRFSP) to look at the successes and lessons which came out of the programme

The experience, dedication and commitment of Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre, Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection, Caritas Livingstone and Caritas Mongu, supported by Catholic Relief Services have laid the foundations for making the PRFSP a success.