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MADAGASCAR – Reforestation and Care of Creation gives Future to a Nation

“Plant trees and support care of Creation to give Madagascar a future”. This is the aim of the project of reforestation and training for the sustainable economy carried out in Ikalamavony and Solila by the diocese of Fianarantsoa, along with “Fe y Alegría“, an organization born in the fifties of the century to promote education, and “Magis“, an NGO of the Italian Jesuits. Madagascar is an island with a vast forest heritage. The endemism rate resulting from this island nation is close to 85%, making most of the animal and plant species unique in the world.

Care of creation at primary school

“The gift of creation” and “changing our lifestyle” were the themes which the students of St. Aloysius College tackled during the week entitled “What I do is important!”. This week was organized in collaboration with the Eko-Skola team. Each class chose one of the 30 countries mostly affected by climate change, trying to understand what measures could affect the life of each country positively and negatively. This was an opportunity to discover other wonderful territories and understand the causes of poverty and environmental degradation. The last activity tackled the use of plastic and its effect on our planet.