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Campus Initiatives: Water

WaterPageWater is used in all sorts of operations on campus.  Some of which include: day-to-day living in the residence halls, cooling campus buildings in warmer months (A/C), food preparation and sanitation in the dining halls, landscaping for campus beautification, and sanitation and drinking water in every building across campus.

Campus Initiatives: Recycling & Waste Reduction

MURecycles1Marquette has been recycling since the early 1990s, making it one of the earlier recycling programs on a university campus.  Beginning as a co-mingled recycling program, Marquette switched to single-stream recycling in 2009.

Campus Initiatives: Energy

Outdoorlighting-smallMarquette uses three types of energy on campus: electricity, steam and gas.  Electricity is used to power buildings while steam and gas are used to heat the buildings.  While all campus buildings consume electricity, not all buildings use gas and/or steam.

Dining Services & Food

03_10CampusKitchen0013Food plays an important role in sustainability.  At Marquette, we are able to address food’s role through our Dining Services programs.  Sodexo heads up Dining Services on Marquette’s campus.

Campus Initiatives: Buildings

Campusbuildings_000Marquette is no stranger to “green” building practices.  The Office of the University Architect has been utilizing sustainable and green building practices for years. Their efforts take the form of installing more efficient energy and water systems and fixtures to keep operating costs down.

Campus Initiatives

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