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Roslindale Green & Clean spruces up neighborhood

AR-305079555.jpg&MaxW=650Roslindale Green & Clean volunteers and The Green Dragons transformed a public space in Roslindale Village in a day of community gardening. Participants removed half dead trees, rangy roses, and weedy grass and replaced them with drought tolerant and attractive trees and low growing shrubs. Mulch was installed to hold soil in place, control weeds and help retain moisture.

Kung Food: Mixing Martial Arts With Urban Agriculture

green dragonsGreen Dragon approach starts with students growing their own seedlings that eventually get transplanted for full harvest either in an outdoor raised bed or garden, or in indoor greenhouses in Boston. The group has five agricultural sites around the city, including their largest one located at the South West Boston Community Garden in Roslindale.

BC Energy and Environment Alumni Network

bceeanProvide networking and career opportunities for alumni interested in energy & environment (including government, business, finance, nonprofit, education, and research); Help alumni keep abreast of developments in this rapidly expanding field by connecting alumni to cutting-edge research and to the insights and experiences of other alumni; Serve as a resource for BC students, faculty, administrators, and alumni; Enhance Boston College’s contribution to creating a sustainable economy.

Facilities Management at BC

phoport_quadFacilities Management is a full-service, centralized organization that works on the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of Boston College’s buildings and property. The wide range of services that we provide is carried out by our team of experienced, dedicated, and professional employees in a safe and functional manner for the campus community and visitors.

What you can do

1319212153069-bconservesThere are numerous ways to get involved and do your part to conserve resources. Once you realize how convenient it is to become more proactive towards sustainability, incorporating environmentally friendly actions into your daily routine will be easy.


1382018719631This group provided an opportunity for faculty, staff and students, to share their ideas, energy, and resources to help Boston College embrace sustainability.  Partners included individuals, representatives from student groups, staff and faculty dedicated to these issues from across campus.