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Campus Social and Environmental Project Contest

Graduating students or graduates of PUC-Rio, who attended in 2017.1 and 2017.2 the discipline Socioambiental and Human Rights (CRE 1175), are invited to participate in the Socio-environmental Project on Campus.

The proposal of this subject is to stimulate the students to construct practices to be applied in the university. Thus, students will compete with their final projects already developed in classes, within the proposed axes: Environmental Education, Biodiversity, Water, Energy, Atmosphere, Materials or Waste. Registration is free of charge and runs from 5 until 31 May.

Call for Ecological Awareness

jesam-header-temp3b-nav-4The Jesuits met in Nairobi to chart a way forward for Jesuits in Africa and Madagascar to incorporate ecological and environmental sensitivity and action into our ministries for the next three years. We identified “generative themes” from our own experience and from the work of our brothers across the world. These included: ecological spirituality, eco-theology and eco-philosophy, environmental conscientisation, biodiversity, climate change, sustainable agriculture, deforestation and bush fires, ecology and conflict situations, management of natural resources, management of waste, business responsibility, potential partnerships, and the justice dimension which informs all our works.

Living Laboratory

living laboratoryThe Ateneo’s Loyola Heights campus is a living laboratory for the community to enjoy.

Green spaces, environmental initiatives and facilities are used to demonstrate principles of ecology, biodiversity, nutrient and matter cycling, and waste management.