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Rooftop farming at Belvedere College

belv-urbanfarm_01-758x426Belvedere College’s innovative new Urban Farm project which was created this year as a horticulture and school based project consisting of an indoor GROWlab greenhouse and a rooftop growing area, is going from strength to strength. The urban farm offers students the opportunity to grow crops, farm fish and cultivate fungi while also learning about plant life cycles, green technology, and sustainable farming practices under the supervision of teacher Simon O’Donnell, who is the project co-ordinator.

Europe – Belvedere College: terraced Urban Farm Project

12The Belvedere College of Ireland, belonging to the Jesuit School Network Europe (Jesuit European Committee for Primary and Secondary Education – JECSE), use the terrace to start a project of urban farm.

“Potatoes, wheat grass, fish and bees are among the rising projects. The Belvedere College is one of the more urban parts of Ireland, but that has not prevented the boys from school start growing on their terraces. Dublin High School, near O’Connell Street (in the heart of Dublin City), grows potatoes and a variety of vegetables, fish breeding and has hives.