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Reconciliation with Creation survey results

In August 2017, the Australian Jesuit Province: Reconciliation with Creation (RwC) Advisory Group emailed a survey to 53 Jesuit communities and works. Over the following three months, 31 responses were received (58 per cent).

The survey asked similar questions to a 2010 RwC survey conducted within the Province. In both surveys the five areas with highest level of environmental achievement included: environmental education; ecological conversion; sustainable land use and waste reduction.

Australian Jesuits divest from fossil fuels, support Flights for Forests for World Environment Day 2017

2017_05_31_Editorial_Photo1I have in the Province Office a few dot paintings.  One of them is by an Aboriginal artist who was instrumental in bringing the Walmajarri people back to their ancestral land I 1979, after a cattle station was established on it in the early twentieth century.

A guide to environment audits

150910environmentThe Province’s Reconciliation with Creation: A Survey of Environmental Activities has shown that many Jesuit works in Australia have already incorporated audits into their environmental program. Others are seeking to do a comprehensive analysis of their carbon footprint in the future.

Many Jesuit and partnered schools have already gone down the path of implementing an audit system for their school communities.