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Ateneans learn about “green structures”

_MG_6731Everything we do impacts on our natural environment. Our everyday actions may accelerate environmental degradation or reduce our carbon footprints. In recent years, the need to embrace sustainable development or the promotion of an integrated social, economic and environmental cohesion has risen.  Adopting sustainable products, technologies, habits and even building green structures has become a norm. Individuals, corporate, government entities and even educational institutions have started to espouse systematic approaches towards sustainability.

Participatory System Dynamics Modeling for Campus Sustainability

SOSE_ES_bannerUniversities are faced with challenges of implementing environmental management systems that will promote sustainability in many aspects of its operations (i.e., energy and resource conservation, waste management, campus mobility, and environmental education). This project investigates the process that go into campus sustainability planning, implementation, and monitoring, in an effort to assist other institutions in executing effective environmental management systems. This approach uses systems dynamics (SD) but with participation from stakeholders for more effective implementation.

The Warmth of the Stove: Designing Spaces As If We Were Human

Warmth of the Stove poster 2The second in the Sustainability Lecture Series, “The Warmth of the Stove: Designing Spaces as if We We’re Humans” was a lecture delivered by Dr. Remmon Barbaza on 29 August, 2014, at the Faber Hall Hall Function Room.  “What is it about the kitchen that makes us gather around it?” This question is central to the insights in his talk, where Dr. Barbaza shared his thoughts on space, design, of focus, and of places with a center.

Connecting the Dots: Systems Thinking for the Environment and Sustainability

connecting the dots 3The third in the Sustainability Lecture Series, “Connecting the Dots: Systems Thinking for Environment and Sustainability” was a lecture delivered by Dr. Charlotte Kendra Gotangco on 10 September, 2014, at the Escaler Hall, Science Education Complex-A, Ateneo de Manila University.

Urban Sustainability Transitions and the Number “Six”

ais_logoThe Ateneo Institute of Sustainability invites you to   “Urban Sustainability Transitions and the Number “Six”
A talk by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Greg Foliente
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Melbourne Australia

Tuesday, 3 December 2013, 4:30 PM, P&G Lecture Hall, Room 201, SEC-C, Ateneo de Manila University

Climate Change and Disaster Risk

2_7The platform of the Ateneo de Manila University is to build and generate knowledge on climate change and disaster risk through collaborative, multidisciplinary research.