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Alternative Energy

Solar2-900x585Residential space, commercial activities, and related energy use account for nearly 43% of the United States environmental damaging and climate altering carbon emissions. Energy to power commercial and residential spaces, such as a University, generally comes from a mixture of sources. Because about 50% of our energy is derived from natural gases and coal (less clean energy sources), there are many negative effects on human health, the global climate, the outdoors, and financial implications. At Loyola Marymount University we recognize that on campus energy use contributes to over 50% of our campus carbon footprint. Furthermore, energy costs are increasing. Thus we are working on numerous alternative energy projects to move us towards carbon neutrality.

Omaha Renewable Energy Project

omaha_renewable_energyprojIn June 2010, with the assistance of funding from the US Department of Energy and the Omaha Public Power District, Creighton University is deploying a variety of solar and wind energy collection systems on the grounds of the main campus.  Altogether, these collectors are capable of generating approximately 120 kW of clean, renewable energy.