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Agroecology is not only about food: a new project analyses its dimensions and impacts

Agroecology is an encompassing concept related to the environmental, socio-cultural, economic and political spheres of our society. It involves a way of producing, distributing and consuming food as well as developing food policies that is mindful of concepts like equality, solidarity, democracy, empowerment and ecology. The launch of this new project today in Rome is timely: it takes place just after the UN Commission on the Status of Women being focused on rural women this year.


Conectar actores claves de la agricultura familiar como organizaciones de agricultores, universidades, organizaciones no gubernamentales, agencias de desarrollo, instituciones estatales, así como Institutos de Investigación y desarrollo como Nitlapan de la Universidad Centroamericana (UCA), es el objetivo de la nueva Plataforma de Conocimientos sobre Agricultura Familiar (PCAF) que lanzó su red mundial en días pasados.

Dilemma between growth and sustainability in agriculture

“There is the recognition, by society and governments, of the public interest in the social, environmental, cultural, and economic functions, not only productive or mercantile, associated with  agricultural holdings , bringing  agriculture  to a position as the main subject of the new construction of  development….

Instituto Mayor Campesino

Nuestro enfoque(1)We are a 50 year old Non Govermental Organization (NGO) dedicated to promote the Sustainable Development of the department of Valle del Cauca, south west of Colombia; a program that privileges the agricultural workers and their families.

Under the alliance with different development organizations, IMCA contributes to the construction and consolidation of alternative ways of living with a sustainable approach, that benefits the most in need communities of the department, always looking towards a regional and a national scope. This approach of sustainable development looks for integral alternatives ways of living, which makes possible the pacific coexistence of the different cultures within its natural processes.

This is an articulated social work of the Society of Jesus.

The Minor in Urban Agriculture

6206284693_a2ba2ba5b1_bUrban Agriculture students learn about corporate food systems, alternative and more equitable models of urban-based agriculture, and larger food and environmental justice movements. That’s when they aren’t getting their hands dirty in the University of San Francisco Community Garden and with organizations around the Bay Area, learning advanced skills in organic gardening, permaculture, urban homesteading, sustainable living and local food production and distribution.

A Lebanese exception: The Tanaïl domain and the challenge of managing a temporal good

2014_06_15_Reflection_Photo1-300x225As you wind down Mount Lebanon towards Chtaura, the Bekaa valley unveils. The heterogeneous pattern of fertile fields and anarchic urbanisation is a reminder that Lebanon inherits its identity as much from millennial traditions as from the development dynamics of past decades.

Very few trees break the monotony of this over exploited land. Many different factors have to be taken into account to explain this bleakness: the 19th century Ottoman Empire’s agricultural policy, the dire need of wood during World War I, the Syrian occupation at the end of the 20th century. But as you continue your way towards Anjar and the Syrian border, a sudden burst of vegetation breaks the cycle of buildings and poor-looking agricultural lands.